Prices - Power grid rental

Grid rental prices within Stranda Energi AS’ supply area. Priceperiod starting 1 January 2015.

Grid rental prices (prices for electricity transmission) cover:

Permanent homes  and cottages:

  • Fixed charge (per installation/year) NOK 3000
  • Energy charge NOK 0,3206/kWh

Grid rental prices for private consumers are presented inclusive of VAT at the rate of 25%, a NOK 0.0100/kWh statutory contribution to the Enova energy fund and electricity consumption tax charged at the rate of NOK 0.1365/kWh.

All amounts subject to changes in prices and public charges.
The cost of the actual electricity used is additional to the grid rental charge.

Grid rental cost per year

The examples presented below show what the annual grid rental cost would come to depending on how much electricity your household uses

Annual consumption:

5,000 kWh
NOK 4603   

10,000 kWh
NOK 6206

20,000 kWh
NOK  9412

30,000 kWh
NOK 12 612