How to choose an electricity provider

A few things you will need to know about how and why you should arrange an electricity supply contract or switch to a new electricity provider.

You yourself must choose an electricity provider

To safeguard competition in the market, the authorities have decided that the supply of electricity should be divided into two.

Customers must therefore sign a contract with an electricity provider and a contract with the local grid operator.

There are lots of electricity providers to choose between. Most electricity providers can offer a variety of different contracts. You yourself are responsible for selecting an electricity provider and signing the kind of contract that suits you the best.

No electricity provider?

If you do not have a contract with an electricity provider, Stranda Energi  has a statutory duty to supply electricity.
The statutory duty to supply electricity is only meant to be a temporary arrangement and will normally be more expensive than electricity bought from an ordinary electricity provider.

If you do not already have an ordinary electricity provider, we recommend that you contact one as soon as possible. If you wish to switch to a new electricity provider contact the company you wish to switch to. They will then notify Stranda Energi AS.
List of electricity providers in Stranda Energi ASt’s area.