Fiber to the home

"Fiber to the home" is a term that encompasses the Internet, television and IP phone. We have chosen to cooperate with Tafjord Kraft which is a supplier of all-in-box. We are delighted to be able to offer the best and most innovative fiber-based services including TV, internet and IP telephony.

Briefing / checklist for cabling of fiber to the home.


  • Faster internet, 10-50 Mbit / s - so quickly that large files are downloaded in seconds.
  • Several computers can be online simultaneously, without noticing big changes in speed.
  • We use the internet and our  personal computer’s  more and more as an  entertainement box ,  the same way as we do  with stereo and television. This requires even more of your Internet connection.


Signal comes through fiber cable and you  get  an  interactive television portal.

  • You  can choose between several channels, depending on what kind of a subscription you choose.
  • You  can rent movies directly from your TV
  • Application on Demand   -  see program when it suits you (some TV  channels)
  • Access to the internet and check email directly on your TV screen
  • Local TV
  • Radio
  • Games and screensaver with fireplace and aquarium

IP Phone

  • Call for free in Norway
  • Keep the phone number you have today